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Miss Co Says...

An ongoing series of informational entries

September 20, 2021


It seems logical to go with the insurance that offers little to no monthly premium which is great while at home. If you or someone you know ever needs to go into a skilled nursing facility the best insurance to have is Traditional Medicare.

Miss Co Says...

September 21, 2021


I know it's not the easiest conversation to have but having a Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney and/or General Power of Attorney really helps to decrease family squabbles. A loved one being sick or on their death bed is not the time to be fussing over their money, belongings and medical wishes. 

Miss Co Says...

September 22, 2021


Don't delay going into a nursing facility for short term rehab because  you fear that you will have to stay forever. A nursing facility by law can't keep anyone from returning home. You have a right to ask to be discharged.

Miss Co Says...

October 5, 2021


Nursing home placement is not for everyone just like staying at home is not the best for everyone. Some families choose to take on the burden of caring for a loved one at home for as long as they can even when it becomes mentally, emotionally, financially and physically overwhelming. I say burden not because it's a bad thing to care for a loved one but it can be a hard thing, especially when there is little to no support from other family members. Nursing homes help to relieve the burden. Nursing homes are not perfect but they are equipped with qualified staff that can provide the needed 24/7 supervision and care. Placing "mama" or "daddy" in a nursing home does not mean you don't love them, it just means you love them enough to get help in caring for them.

Miss Co Says...

October 6, 2021


Most people seem to think that "all nursing homes are bad" but that is not the case. True, there are some nursing homes that don't meet the standards of proper nursing home care but that is not the case for all nursing homes. As previously referenced in another blog, nursing homes are not perfect, meaning the staff will make mistakes but you must know that the majority of the staff do actually care for the residents. Unfortunately, one bad apple do sometimes spoil a bunch. Consider this for a moment, just because a staff member is not jumping through hoops for a very demanding, overbearing family member doesn't mean they don't care or that they would mistreat that person's loved one. In spite of the negative perception that most have of nursing homes, the staff sometimes care more than family members do about the well-being of the residents.

Miss Co Says...

October 21, 2021


A lot of people feel guilty about placing their loved one into a nursing facility. The guilt mostly comes from feelings of not being able or not wanting to care for them in a home setting. It's a tough decision, true, and some people really would care for their loved one in a home setting if they could but that is not the case for all but to each his own. Regardless of the reason for a guilty conscience please don't make the nursing home staff do what you wouldn't do at home. Yes nursing home staff have a job to do, they are to provide quality care but don't get beside yourself by making a bunch of trivial requests because you're feeling guilty about leaving "mama" or "daddy" in a facility. Most requests made by some family members is not something they would do or were doing while their loved one was at home. You want the staff to go over and beyond but were you? And even if you were the one going over and beyond when they were home, guess what, they aren't home anymore. They are in a facility which means it's not just about them. The staff cannot cater to them as you would because they have other residents to tend to; it would be nice if nursing facilities could provide each resident with their own CNA but of course that is not the case.