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Join Me For

"C" Time


BT Neil Consulting

Look No Further

D.I.G. (Digging Information

 Group) are volunteers 

dedicated to providing 

timely, accurate and 

resourceful information.

We are digging for you.


Volunteers TODAY!!

Download D.I.G. Application

Our Story In The Making

Let the digging begin!

Digging Beyond The Surface

We are problem solvers that offer solutions. No matter what the problem may be, we want stop digging until we get to the bottom of it. In all our research we hope to discover a solution to your problem. Our objective in digging up and digging through information is to discover the cause and effects of any problem. Based upon our findings, we would like to help you implement a strategic plan to prevent the same problem from happening again. And if your strategy is already working for you we want to ensure all holes are covered. 

D.I.G. Highlights

Venessa Malloy is a proud D.I.G. volunteer and honored to be the mother of BT Neil's owner. She is happy to support the vision and looks forward to digging beyond the surface, looking up beneficial information for you.