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Miss Co Says


Posted on January 21, 2018 at 3:05 PM
Accept what you expect!! In other words receive what you believe!! Why believe in something and refuse to follow the principles, rules, guidelines, criteria etc. of said belief. You kicking against yourself!! You slapping your own self in the face!! I guess you're wondering what I mean. Well let me help you out. Often times in life we get just what we think we are going to get and then we mad at the outcome if it's not what we expected. As the good book says the power of life and death is in the tongue. Negative people, henceforth, negative thinkers often times get the negative outcome in which they spoke, of course on the other hand, positive people, henceforth, positive thinkers often times get the positive outcome in which they spoke. So whatever you are believing to be so, good or bad, accept it when it comes. Remember it's what you expected to happen anyway right? Now there are some cases where positive thinkers still get negative outcomes and of course negative thinkers still get positive outcomes, that's just how it goes, it happens. Regardless of your reason for thinking the way you do, you should be able to embrace what your beliefs bring you or don't bring you. We have heard it from somebody whether its a friend, family member, neighbor, coworker, associate or a complete stranger that is publicly venting about their hang ups in life...My life sucks, I hate my job, I'm ugly, My kids are so disrespectful, My husband/wife is stupid and guess what until they change that stinking thinking they are going to keep having a life that sucks, working a job that they hate on top of dealing with low self-esteem and insecurities, not to mention those bad mad kids and a stupid husband/wife who does not seem to have a clue to what is really bothering them, they stay on repeat, yet no one is listening and so the cycle continues. Day in and day out this is what they expect but sounds like they are having trouble accepting it. Next time you hear it, tell them, look them eyeball to eyeball and tell them...It's your sucky life, you made the choice to marry that man/woman, yall made those kids and the kids are the way they are because yall refused to discipline them when it was very necessary, you needed a job and had few options; husband needed help, kids had to eat, you still think you ugly because of something said to you 10 years ago about your looks by an irrelevant person and you wonder why things are not getting better, again I say this is your sucky life now own it!! {DROPS THE MIC, STAGE LEFT} Things just got real huh? What do you think a person response to this would be? Could they accept it? I would say yes they could accept it if it's what they expected you to say, if not then Houston we got a problem, a serious problem!! My point is some people need a reality check in which they must be ready to accept their reality, other people want to stay in the fantasy and keep wondering "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?" (in my whining opera voice). LMBO!! I'm just saying. {CLEARS THROAT} Ok, moving forward, yes it will and can get better when you think better and expect it to get better. If you don't like your life, do something about it. If life is good, then appreciate it and enjoy it. Stop wavering between two opinions looking for sympathy and for someone to join in on your pity party, then get mad when no one wants to attend your party. Its your party, you can cry if you want to, you can cry all day long but its not fun partying alone is it? After the tears then what? Get my point. Pinch yourself, you feel that? It means you're still breathing, the blood is still running warm in your veins, throw away the tissue, let go of your issues and get your life back and if you never had the life you wanted then go get it!! If you don't want to go after the life you desire or you think it's too late, stop complaining about the life you have, just accept it and make the best of it but you can't have it both ways. Why do that to yourself?

Categories: Epiphany