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Miss Co Says

Miss Co Says


Posted on January 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Be careful what you say because once it's said, you can't take it back. They may deserve it and it very well may be true but NEWSFLASH words do hurt and it is not always easy to ease the pain of the sting. I use to be a very clear cut direct to the point person. I believed in being real with people and at times raw and I still do, however, I have come to learn that there is a way to say just what you want to say but of course the right way. You never know the state of a persons mind or there perspective of you, therefore, in the case of speaking hurtful words you can make or break them. Its nothing wrong with being honest and truthful but in doing so our words should be cushioned with compassion, empathy, sympathy, open-mindedness and last but certainly not least...LOVE. Speaking the truth out of love verses anger, hate, envy, emotions and feelings makes it easier for the person to accept your truth. And in the long run if its a person in whom you have some type of relationship with it will make it easier to reconcile with them, they will have a new respect for you and be more willing to listen to helpful suggestions you may have. Words linger in our hearts, minds and spirit and sometimes a person's negative behavior or character flaws are derived from hurtful words spoken to them by someone they respected, admired and/or loved. Yes if someone hits you with a bunch of sticks and stones it is going to hurt and possibly leave scars. There will be bruising, breaking of the skin, change in skin coloration, swelling, and pain. But after a while those wounds do heal even if there is a permanent scar. Scarring depends on how hard, how many and how long the sticks and stones were thrown. In other words, you can damage a person with words, especially if they already inwardly have doubts, fears, insecurities and obvious weaknesses. That's just like someone throwing a stone at a wound you already have, it hurts worse and takes longer to heal. In most cases we do not know what a person is dealing with, we just don't and we have no way of knowing if they don't tell us or its not already public knowledge. Everyone doesn't take hurtful words as a grain of salt, letting it roll off their back like butter and even those that do, after a while, they start to feel the effects of those words and even they have a breaking point. Lets just be real. By no means am I saying be fake and phony, walking around on eggshells trying to keep from saying the wrong thing but what I am saying is say it at the right time. Ask yourself is what I'm about to say necessary, is it even relevant, will it matter tomorrow? Be real but be kind. Speak truth but say it in love. Know your limits and know that everyone is not the same. Words can hurt or help. Your delivery matters.

Categories: Epiphany

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