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Miss Co Says

Miss Co Says


Posted on December 25, 2017 at 5:35 PM
Why do people get mad when you don't do what they do or approve of what they do? Do you boo!! Do what makes you happy. But guess what they are not happy that's why they want you to jump on the band wagon with them. As the old saying goes misery loves company. If a person is truly happy with their life and how they living it, they could care less who approves or disapproves. They like and they love it. So please out of respect, accept the fact that they choose to not do what you do and vice versa. Does that mean you're better than them or them you...absolutely not! "I'm just doing me and you doing you" is their motto. Another perspective of this happy place is doing something different, stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking a chance without focusing on the outcome, and finding serenity in simple things. Too many people walking around unhappy trying to keep others happy. Stop forfeiting your own happiness to the point you are emotionally bankrupt. Everybody enjoying life and you got the whoa it's me blues. Get your head out of the sand!! Things are not always as they seem but you wouldn't know that if your mind is always consumed with situations out of your control. Find something that makes you happy, live a happy life and just be happy. In some cases our choices have great consequences and in other cases great reward. But at the end of the day, its your life, its your happiness. Then you have those that do what they say makes them happy but the negative effect of their happy choice is obvious. Its kind of like covering up your issues, your sadness, or emptiness with this and that but dying on the inside, trying to obtain happiness from things they can't produce happiness, happiness come from within, it's free and leaves no blemishes. Looking for happiness in all the wrong places, you will never find it...oh boy...but when happiness lands in your lap, baby it's a good day. Grab it and go! Once you are truly happy on the inside no one or nothing can take it from you. Do you know what makes you happy?

Categories: Epiphany

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