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Miss Co Says

Miss Co Says


Posted on December 24, 2017 at 2:25 PM
Bad break up, vulnerable, emotional, biological clock ticking....tick, toc, tick, toc...lonely, bored, trying to meet status quo, single, beautiful woman, educated with a career and a vision for own business, actively working in ministry, community or just an overall outstanding gal, working on/maintaining credit, not gay, not crazy, not a eunuch, still not married, no kids, no pets . And then he shows up...MR. ALL WRONG FOR YOU but he's saying and doing all the right things!!! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? So now you faced with a decision. Do I continue waiting on MR.RIGHT or is this as good as it gets? Points to ponder...You don't love him, no connection or chemistry but that's not important right? No more going home to an empty house after a long tiresome day to not have your mister their to comfort you. No more trying to manage bills, household, life in general alone. Then there's companionship....ahhhhhh.....a cuddy buddy and cuddle bunny all in one....ummmmmmm. But you really not feeling him, but at least you will have someone to take to family/holiday dinners. No more being labeled, judged and criticized by family, friends, coworkers, society for not having a man and to say the least there is finally tangible hope of having a baby. Sounds like a win, win situation right? Well ask yourself, can you wake up to this man EVERYDAY for the rest of your life? Do you think love will eventually come? Do you want to have kids with him? Do he even want kids? Does he fit? Do it feel right? Do your eyes light up when you see him? Does he make your heart smile? Does he inspire you? Will this be a practical relationship, a business deal, one that looks good on paper but in real life you are not on the same page? Is it obvious that he's not the right one? If so that means Mr."Right For You" is still out there, can you wait, will you wait, why wait? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!! Its a lot to consider, but this is a big deal, this is your life. Is Mr. Wrong worth it? We have all heard it "Good things come to those who wait and waiting on the right one will be so worth it?" Sure it will but will you be gray headed sitting on a porch rocking in a chair by the time Mr. Right comes, eggs dried up, dusty and rusty, too old to care about any physical action and now you retired and possibly on disability, living in a senior home or apartment and it's not such a demand on life anymore. What is worse marrying Mr. Wrong even when you really don't want to marry him, have the kids, house, companionship etc. and after years into the marriage you find that you are still lonely on the inside, still no connection, no chemistry, realizing you just being going through the motions trying to obtain a certain level of fulfilment you will never get, at least not from him because remember he was all wrong for you. Or be old and gray before Mr. Right decides to show up. Really after all this time, where have you been? WHY ARE YOU COMING NOW? After considering all options, weighing the pros and the cons, the ifs and maybes, the shoulda, woulda, coulda, at the end of the day after all is said and done, you still have a decision to make.

Categories: Relationships

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