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Miss Co Says

Miss Co Says


Posted on November 3, 2017 at 5:55 PM
I know we all have been through some messy situations in life. In some cases we created the mess and in others we helped contribute to the mess or maybe somehow we got indirectly pulled in or involved without knowing how messy a situation was until we were in too deep. Most of the time when dealing with something that is out of our control, especially when the outcome is not favorable or what we would want, we may allow that mess to dictate how we proceed with other factors in our life. For example for someone that has recently embarked upon salvation and they mess up. They may allow that mess up to change their mind about being saved. Someone may have decided to step out on faith and put in their 2 week notice on a dead end job or maybe its a great job but not your destiny. Stepped out without having another job lined up or without knowing your next move (faith factor) and after being without a job for a month or so with no prospects for employment or no direction or insight from the Lord, we begin to think "UH Oh I done messed up when I left that job!!" But one thing about God when you are a child of His and you step out on faith and believe by Faith that God will come thru for you and trust the process, you will soon realize what you perceived as a mess up was actually a set up by God. Perhaps someone gave a surprise a way, henceforth, they talk too much. Maybe they did not follow thru on instructions correctly or they misunderstood them. Maybe they even committed a crime. WHO KNOWS? Messing up is human nature. In some form we all have and will mess up, some mess ups are simple easy fixes others or more complex and could consist of life long consequences. We are subject to error but do not let a mess up (past, present or future) change your mind about destiny, about pursuing a dream, about marrying your true love, about moving forward in a task, about being all you can be in Christ or about anything that is purposed for your life. I guarantee your mess and all your poor decisions will be a blessing to someone else by telling them about what you went through and how it all worked out for your good. I have heard people indicate that they themselves or someone else was or is a HOT MESS! And a lot of times when we hear this term it is an indicator that a person has a lot going on in their lives or they have done a lot of bad deeds and they look like what they been through...A MESS. Whatever the case may be, whatever the mess is or whoever the mess is, we can rest assure that Christ Jesus will love us and accept us just as we are. Let Jesus clean you up and He will help you clean up the mess. Because guess WHAT?! After the mess up comes the dress up! You may have been a mess or was in a messy situation but when God get through you will be well suited for what He has for you to do!! Your worth is not valued by the mess you created but your worth is valued by the one who created you. Again I say, DO NOT LET YOUR MESS CHANGE YOUR MIND!

Categories: Epiphany

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