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BT Neil Consulting

Look No Further

Why Us?

We are a Christian based online consulting agency striving to help those in need of information, inspiration and motivation. We love to research, we love to inspire, we love to help. We are passionate about knowledge and we want to share what we find and/or know in hopes of it being beneficial to others. We dig deep into the who, the what, the when, the where, the why and the how. We look for the solution for you. We are confident that we can offer some help to your problem, our research will guarantee your results.

"We must produce from within, with this in mind, we have to tap into our inner self by learning how to turn ourselves inside out. No more living on the wrong side. Our mission is to be the go-to company for information. To create a platform for others to share information. To offer tools and resources that will help to improve or resolve any matter."

-BT Neil Mission

Cornelia Malloy, Owner/CEO

Who We Are

BT Neil Consulting is an online social media consulting agency that specializes in workforce development, business planning, wedding planning, improving workplace environment and shedding light on nursing home placement. BT NEIL offers the tools needed to create resumes and cover letters along with a interview

readiness guide, an easy start up guide for a new business idea, a wedding planning template that keeps your plans simple and within budget, a resourceful formula that could improve job productivity and a detailed step by step reference guide to getting a loved one placed in a nursing home. Social Media is the platform used to promote the agency name and other brands (i.e. Miss Co's Tee Line and God's Girl) to help increase our online presence in hopes of making BT Neil Consulting a household name. My personal blog (IG @thereal_missco) is used to connect with my followers and potential customers. My blog is a peak into my life, my inspirations and my God-given insight on spiritual matters, love and encouragement. BT NEIL also offers free advertisement to other entrepreneurs. So if you are looking to start your own business or change your career I can help you with your next steps. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to plan a wedding, I can help ease your mind. If you need help with understanding nursing home placement in a long term care facility, I'll be your guiding light.



Check out these articles!! It's "my story of destiny"!! Part 1 is "From poverty to Prosperity" . Part 2 is "From struggle to Success" where I talk about breaking free from the spirit of poverty and embracing true prosperity but found myself feeling stuck in my situation and struggling with forward movement until circumstances caused me to take necessary steps toward success!!! Be on the look out for Part 3 of my story titled "From hope to Happiness"!!!

15 years plus of Customer Service experience with a Healthcare

background. Client focused with

a solution to your problem in view!!

4 years plus of Research and

Marketing experience. Resource

driven geared toward community

programs and local support services!!